Let It Go To Your Head

When the adhd takes the wheel

Being random on the internet is not recommended if you want consumers to find you.

Sustainable living is more than recycling and seeing a therapist.


Composting solutions for small spaces

Shop Local

Reuse stores are popping up allover


Winners and Losers

Autism Mom

A piece of the puzzle. 

Physical Activity

Cardio is for the heart

Physical Recovery

Becomes everything


A strange time for single “grown-ups”

Emotional Wellness

We are not our feelings. Meet your feelings.

Posts to dip your toe in the idea.

Simple Swaps for Sustainable Living

Simple Swaps for Sustainable Living

Are you considering your impact on the planet? Ever look at all the packed, over-flowing cans in the street on trash day and wonder where the heck does it all go? Are you hesitant to try new sustainable items because they seem so inconvenient compared to your current...

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Free Resources for New Web Developers

Free Resources for New Web Developers

The surge of online businesses launching in the pandemic is an exciting trend that creates opportunities for web developers. There are a number of free resources for new web developers to learn best practices for a professional site. If you are interested in web...

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Zero Wasters are Fighting Red Tide

Zero Wasters are Fighting Red Tide

Across Tampa Bay, local zero-waste businesses and non-profit organizations are fighting red tide and other environmental crises. These organizations are offering alternatives to the unsustainable way we act as consumers. Individuals can make a collective difference in...

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Recent Work

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Mindful Hearts Institute

A Mental Health Counselor well versed in Complex-Trauma and PTSD wants to expand her practice to EMDR for other trauma-related symptoms.

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A Path To Change Counseling

A new website to promote EMDR therapy for a range of trauma symptoms like addiction and obsessive behaviors.