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I make websites for mental health

Looking to build a home on the web for your business? Does your business support mental health and the greater good? LIGTYH can help realize your dreams. Start with a website and grow your online presence.

What this site is about

When you purchase anything on this site you are supporting my mission of helping to grow and sustain a mentally healthy society.

  • Graphic Design

    Finding compelling images is not easy, and it is often a determining factor customers use to stay or go on a website. 

  • Content Writing

    My writing focuses on mental health, which is a pretty wide topic. It could go anywhere, from my experience with addiction and recovery,  the mind-body connection to building a website, to making a water feature in my small space garden.

  • Print on Demand

    POD is a booming industry online. It makes it easy to put any design, like a logo, on items that you can buy and sell.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    This has been around for a long time. I have links to Amazon for products that I use and believe in. Since I am displaying a link for my site users to buy a product on Amazon, they give me a piece of the pie when you buy. A teeny, tiny piece, but it adds up over time.

Florida Essentials:

Flip Flops & Tank Tops

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Full-Service Marketing For the Greater Good

Brand Design & Strategy

Increase local market share with a sharp branding strategy.

Social Media Management

 Find your customers and nurture them.

Audience Analytics

Find your audience and send the right messages.


Optimize your site to build a traffic source.


Get original work. Google ads, Social Media ads and blog writing.

Team Training

More of a Do-It-Yourself type? Get One-on-One training on all my digital marketing tools.

Website Development

Move out of Facebook and make your own home on the web.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can reach more customers than all digital media

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

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You don’t have to be on all Social Media Platforms. Do one, well.

Social media shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a fun way to attract fans and customers to your business. I’ll help you find a balance and keep your SM game tight.


Recent Work

Mindful Hearts Institute

  • Content Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Social Media Generation
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