Waste Less Stress Less

Easy Low Waste Lifestyle Changes

An easy way to start a lower-waste lifestyle is to incorporate lower-waste products into your everyday routines. Small changes in the way we consume products add up to a big personal impact.

Look for items with less plastic packaging for necessities like dish soap, air fresheners,  toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner.

Now Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser can eliminate the need to buy plastic refills for your plug-in air freshener.
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Essential Oil Sampler Pack

This pack will last all year long. Just a few drops in the diffuser is all it takes to fill your space with the aroma of your choice.
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Carmel Organics soapnut powder

Soapnut Powder

There are several ways to use soapnut powder. A very small amount will soak up the oils in hair similar to a dry shampoo without the chemicals.

JR Liggitt's conditioner bar.

Conditioner Bar

This is a good start when it comes to the world of hair conditioner bars. 

JRLiggetts hair shampoo bar.

Shampoo Bar

The only item with more bar options than conditioner bars is shampoo bars.

Carmel Organics soapnut powder

Bamboo Cotton Swabs

There is nothing like the feeling of soft cotton in your earhole.

JR Liggitt's conditioner bar.

Tooth Tablets

No more toothpaste containers. Tooth tablets are the new way to scrub those toofies.

JRLiggetts hair shampoo bar.

Silicone Ear Swabs

These are also useful.



Mamaforest Dish Soap Bar

Palm Pot Scrubber

Carmel Organics soapnut powder

PlantBased Sponges

These are great for scrubbing dishes, counters, and sinks. One bio-degradable sponge can scrub a bunch before being tossed in the trash.

JR Liggitt's conditioner bar.

Waste Less Starter Kit

This pack has some basic low-waste swaps for commonly used everyday items. Including produce bags for the market, food storage bags and wraps for leftovers.

JRLiggetts hair shampoo bar.

Glass Spray Bottles

Use these for cleaning with multi-purpose household cleaners like white vinegar.


It’s easy once you learn to do it.

Adapt What You Have Already

You don’t have to dump your Keurig to live more sustainably. There are tons of options for reusable kcup filters.

Same with pour-over coffee. There are several options at any price point. My first was this simple one that requires a paper filter.


Coffee and Tea

Carmel Organics soapnut powder

Kcup Filters

You supply the coffee.

JR Liggitt's conditioner bar.

Paperless Pour Over

All you need is a cup and a kettle.

JRLiggetts hair shampoo bar.


Every cup of tea or coffee needs hot water. Use this one without turning on the stove or microwave.