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Slow and Steady

How To Start Exercising

There are so many reasons to get outside and get some exercise. Cardio activity is good for the heart and mind. People tell me all the time they can’t run, or they hate running. Any generally healthy, able-bodied person with a safe outdoor space can run.

Running takes commitment, focus, time, and patience. An hour two to three days a week is the time commitment expected. If endurance exercise is new to you, the key is to start slow and steady by tracking your heart rate. The rewards are worth the work. 

Running is the easiest exercise to start.

My top speed is a twelve-minute mile and I’m okay with that. Focus should be on maintaining an elevated heart rate for a specified period of time.  Start with a 30 seconds run and then walk for one minute. Do this for 3o minutes and you have taken the first step(s)!


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Habit Building Books

Audible has a subscription service where you pay about $15 a month and get credits to purchase whatever book you want. Audiobooks are a nice alternative to music when walking or running.

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Better Than Before

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Procrastination can be the result of a response to stress. It is not a character defect.