Let It Go To Your Head

When the adhd takes the wheel

Being random on the internet is not recommended if you want consumers to find you.

Sustainable living is more than recycling and seeing a therapist.


Composting solutions for small spaces

Shop Local

Reuse stores are popping up allover


Exercise for the mind.

Help Others

Always be giving. Until we are all equal.

Physical Activity

Cardio is for the heart

Physical Recovery

Becomes everything


A strange time for single “grown-ups”

Emotional Wellness

We are not our feelings. Meet your feelings.

Posts to dip your toe in the idea.

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Recent Work

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Mindful Hearts Institute

A Mental Health Counselor well versed in Complex-Trauma and PTSD wants to expand her practice to EMDR for other trauma-related symptoms.

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A Path To Change Counseling

A new website to promote EMDR therapy for a range of trauma symptoms like addiction and obsessive behaviors.