Real World Advertising Results

We have helped local service businesses knock it out of the park with ads.  Here is an example of a Florida landscaping service that enjoyed a 15x return on ad-spend.

Our client spent $2917 over two months and gained 100 qualified leads.

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A permanent make-up client gained 31 qualified bookings after investing $1488 ad spend in one month. That’s one new client per day!

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The coach experienced a 650% increase in freebie traffic, a ROAS of 9.6x, webinar registrations for $1.99, increased booked calls by 320% and increased landing page conversion rates to 58%.

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Feedback From Happy Clients

“Let It Go To Your Head definitely exceeded my expectations. I was nervous I’d spend too much money on ads for too little return, but I was blown away by the end result. The key is to be patient. Marianne knew what she was doing and she kept me informed on everything week-by-week. She really helped take my consulting firm to the next level.” 

Frank Verhagen

Verhagen Consulting