Are you considering your impact on the planet? Ever look at all the packed, over-flowing cans in the street on trash day and wonder where the heck does it all go? Are you hesitant to try new sustainable items because they seem so inconvenient compared to your current day-to-day routine? If a few simple swaps for sustainable living could greatly reduce your carbon footprint over time, would you be willing to give them a try?

Recycling alone isn’t the solution for reducing plastic

Plastic has its place, but we have to stop the notion that recycling makes up for our unabashed reliance on unnecessary and wasteful plastic. Think about all the plastic packaging one person tosses in the trash on a regular basis. Shampoo, conditioner, hand and dish liquid soap, laundry detergent, condiments, milk, beverage (I’m talking to you, water) bottles, and just about anything that’s disposable, to name a bunch. Now multiply that by all your friends, family, neighbors, and beyond to get an understanding of the weight of the plastic problem.

Alternative packaging and sustainable products are going to reduce plastic waste. Consumers are already on-board and seeking out better ways to consume products. Practicing a lower-waste lifestyle doesn’t have to be inconvenient. There are plenty of great options to replace the wasteful items we dispose of every day. Here are some simple swaps for sustainable living that will reduce your carbon footprint and trips to the trash can.

Concentrated laundry detergent sheets are perfect for a small space. 

I love Earthbreeze ‘because without a doubt it makes the whole detergent buying and laundry process a better experience than with heavy, awkward plastic jugs. You will never have to carry another giant jug of detergent in the house again. This stuff is delivered through the mail In compostable packaging for your garden or a limited stay in a landfill. You will also never have to deal with a soapy mess leaking all over a jug and washing machine. This Concentrated detergent can’t spill because it’s not liquid. They took out the water that comes with all the popular laundry detergent brands.

This simple swap that replaces the giant jug is the size of a dryer sheet(we’ll deal with those later), taking up a little more room on a shelf than this stack of post-it notes. Now is a good time to mention I am a fan of Romy and Michelle, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Sustainable living swaps: EarthBreeze, Dryer Balls, and a tin foil ball
Sustainable laundry basics

Dryer balls save space and replace dryer sheets

This sustainable swap doesn’t require a refill or a trip to the store. Just buy a bunch of dryer balls once, and leave them in the dryer. Full disclosure, dryer balls don’t stop static cling. But there is a solution. Make a couple of loose tin foil balls about 4 inches in diameter. Toss them in and when the dryer runs the foil will attract the static instead of your clothes, sheets, and towels.

Simple sustainable living swaps for coffee supplies

There are boundless options to drink and enjoy coffee with zero waste. It all depends on how you like to make yours and the tools you like to use.

The Keurig is out and the pour-over dripper is in for sustainable swaps.

If you like Keurig for its single-serve convenience there is a sustainable option, and that’s the single-serve pour-over and a kettle. There are all types of choices when it comes to both these simple swaps.

Pour over coffee next to an electric kettle
Pour over dripper set-up with a basic dripper, paper filter, and a kettle

The most basic dripper, like mine, requires a paper filter. You can spend a little more on a dripper with a built-in filter and save a few dollars on paper filter purchases. Although they are sustainable, eliminating paper filters from your shopping list also eliminates plastic packaging waste. If I ever decide to cut back on my massive morning coffee habit, I’ll definitely get the built-in filter.

Reusable Keurig filters are a simple swap if you already own the equipment

This is a favorite of the simple swaps for sustainable living because Keurigs are used in homes and businesses all over. Single-serve coffee machines were once a guaranteed source of unrecyclable plastic with every cup. Today there are several options for washable coffee filters to replace the single-use K cups. With a washable filter, you can dump the grounds with food scraps for composting.

refillable K cup filters, a stack of single use k cups, a Kuerig machine with a coffee cup that says "Get your shit together."
One cup? Have four until you need to rinse out a pack of refillable single-serve K cups.

Buy coffee in bulk if you can. If you have a coffee grinder you can save a little by buying whole beans.

Do one simple swap today

There you have it! Sustainable living just became convenient. Imagine the emptiness of your trash can by swapping just one item in your routine. What are you going to do with all that extra space on your shelves? No more K-cups and laundry jugs in the way!

Happy sustainable living.

*I am also an affiliate for EarthBreeze and get a commission when you make purchase and change your life.